How to Put Plantar Warts in Your Past [and Keep them Out of Your Future]

Jan 8, 2021

There are plenty of things we all want to leave behind from last year. If you or one of your loved ones has plantar warts, that would certainly be on the list, too!

Fortunately, leaving warts behind has never been safer, easier, more comfortable, or less disruptive than ever before. We’re proud to provide Swift Treatment, a newer way to get rid of plantar warts that greatly dials down the pain and hassle that more traditional forms of plantar wart treatment are infamous for.

If you’re looking to put plantar warts behind you, we couldn’t recommend a better way to do it!

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What Makes Swift Different from Other Plantar Wart Treatments?

Traditional treatments for plantar wart have often required attacking the warts and the virus that causes them from the outside. The layers of a wart are destroyed bit by bit via cutting, freezing, or burning with chemicals.

If you’ve had any of these treatments in the past, you likely remember they were not a fun time. We don’t entirely blame anyone for not wanting to go through it again, or subjecting their child to it.

Unfortunately, in most medical practices those forms of treatment are still the only “good” options for getting rid of plantar warts – other than simply waiting a very long time for the virus to disappear on its own. That’s because the virus sets up its “home base” in the upper layers of the skin, where the body’s immune system tends not to notice its presence.

But here is where Swift Treatment changes the game!

Instead of attacking a wart from the outside, Swift uses microwave energy to aid the body’s own immune response from the inside. By applying this energy to a wart, it heats up and excites cells in that area. They respond by releasing signals that alert the immune system to that area – as if the cells were calling the police. When the immune response arrives, it recognizes the virus as an invader and starts to destroy it.

Most patients will see great results after up to 3 sessions, but how does this mode compare to the traditional treatments?

  • It’s much less painful. Application of the microwave energy does sting a small amount, similar to getting an injection. But as soon as the 2-3 seconds of application are over, the pain disappears. No more having to hobble uncomfortably through the rest of the day!
  • It’s much less messy. There is no bandaging to deal with, nor does anything need to be applied to the foot. We only lightly debride the warts before a session, which does not cause pain or break the skin.
  • There is no collateral damage. Perfectly normal skin does not have to be sacrificed to cut or burn into the wart.
  • It’s quick. Each session lasts about 15 minutes, and will be spaced out over a few weeks.

We truly believe this is the best option for plantar wart treatment currently out there, and we hope you can see why we do!

Keeping Plantar Warts from Coming Back

Making plantar warts a thing of the past is something to celebrate, but how do you keep them from coming back in the future?

Well, if you used Swift Treatment, you’ve already given yourself a boost toward wart prevention! Since this form of treatment focuses on using your immune system to eliminate the wart-causing virus, it also serves to train your system to better identify and eradicate future attempts at infection. Just an added benefit!

But a boosted immune system will not always guarantee that plantar warts will never return. It still pays to take simple precautions to lower your risk of infection in the future.

  • Avoid coming into direct contact with warts. This includes both others’ warts and any warts you might find elsewhere on your body. If you must touch any warts, thoroughly wash your hands as soon as possible.
  • Avoid walking barefoot in high-traffic areas. This especially pertinent in areas that tend to be damp and warm, such as gyms, locker rooms, and pool areas. The virus that causes warts can thrive in these locations.
  • Keep your feet clean and dry. This includes both drying your feet completely after bathing, as well as doing your best to keep sweat away from your feet during the day. If you sweat excessively, consider switching into a clean, dry pair of socks halfway through the day, if able.

Following the above tips can also help you avoid other skin and nail infections such as athlete’s foot and toenail fungus as well, so they’re worth making a habit of.

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Treat Plantar Warts Sooner than Later!

While plantar warts do tend to go away on their own after a year or longer, letting them continue to exist on your feet gives them more opportunity to spread and become more of a nuisance. Taking care of them now can save you from plenty of irritation.

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