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Need to come in and see us? Stay safe with our valet services!

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, more and more medical practices have shifted their focus to telemedicine so they can continue to see patients who aren’t able to visit in person.

But even during a pandemic, not all medical services can be conducted remotely. What if you need an X-ray, or an injection, or an ingrown toenail removed? How do you get the care you need while minimizing the risk to your family?

Burlington County Foot & Ankle Associates has the answer:

Valet medical service appointments!

Put simply, this is an even safer way of getting the care you need while minimizing exposure to others.

Valet medical service – keeping you and your family safe at in-person appointments

What is a valet medical service?

Essentially, we are referring to measures our team takes to minimize your time spent in our office and around others. Here is a brief explanation of the process we use here at Burlington County Foot & Ankle Associates.

  • When you arrive, don’t get out of your car. Just give us a call and let us know you’re here, and we’ll come to get you when we’re ready to see you.
  • You’ll be escorted (keeping appropriate social distance!) from your car, through a side door and directly into your exam room. No need to pass through the main waiting area.

As with every other part of our office, we are taking extra precautions to fully sanitize every surface and area that sees traffic.

Who should use this service?

Valet services are a great choice for patients who:

  • Need to come into the office for a specific treatment (i.e., they have a problem that cannot be handled remotely via telemedicine).
  • Are considered “high risk” for COVID-19 or any other severe infectious diseases that could pose special health risks, or live with someone who is.

If your appointment does not require an in-person visit (many initial consults and follow-up appointments fall into this category), telemedicine may be a better choice. Please review our service page on telemedicine or call our office if you have any questions about this service.

If you aren’t sure whether telemedicine or a valet appointment is right for you, please don’t hesitate to call and ask.

Protect your health AND get the care you need!

To be clear, we are fully following all CDC guidelines to keep our office as safe as possible during the pandemic, and that includes our main entrance and regular waiting area. We want you to feel comfortable and safe no matter which appointment type you choose.

That said, these valet services are a small extra step we are happy to take for those looking for a little extra peace of mind and the strictest possible isolation from others.

If you want to schedule an appointment (or reschedule an existing appointment), simply fill out this form to contact us:


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