Sports Medicine

We are all athletes.

It doesn’t matter whether you play youth sports, are a member of the military, or hold any other kind of active job or hobbies. All of us are active to some degree, and that means proper foot and ankle care is critically important.

Unfortunately, far too many people would rather “play through the pain” instead of giving their feet and ankles the care they need immediately after an athletic injury. And in the long run, that can mean more pain, more time on the sidelines, and more difficult treatment.

Common Foot & Ankle Sports Injuries

Sports injuries to the feet and ankles can be categorized as either traumatic or overuse. The need for treatment after a traumatic injury (such as a sprain or ruptured tendon) is usually obvious, but chronic pain from overuse injuries is more likely to be overlooked and underestimated. Both types of injuries are serious and require prompt treatment, especially if they are keeping you from enjoying activities.

Common injuries we see in our office include (but are not limited to):

  • Ankle injuries. The most common type of athletic injury. Failure to treat a sprain properly may result in chronic pain and instability, as well as increased risk of future injury. Don’t take chances—get it checked out and treated.
  • Heel pain. Heel pain is one of the most common overuse injuries among athletes. Adults are most likely to suffer from plantar fasciitis, while kids tend to experience inflammation of the growth plate of the heel (Sever’s disease). However, we are seeing an increase of traditional plantar fasciitis in kids.
  • Broken bones and dislocations. Severe twists, falls, or crushing accidents can result in bones cracking, breaking, or popping out of place.
  • Stress fractures. In this type of fracture, repetitive stress causes cracks to form in the surface of bones, leading to aching pain. If you do not allow them to heal, they can worsen into more serious breaks.
  • Shin splints. Pain in the front of the shin—in or around the tibia—is a common overuse injury in runners and military recruits.
  • Achilles tendon injuries. Because it handles such immense loads when running and jumping, the Achilles tendon is prone to stretching, tearing, or even completely rupturing—especially among middle-aged “weekend warriors.”
  • Toe injuries. Broken toes, ingrown toenails, bruising under the nail, and other toe injuries are common in athletes and runners—particularly if your shoes or boots don’t fit properly.

Getting You Off the Sidelines and Back in the Game

Don’t wait for the pain to become extreme before you see us. We get it—no active person enjoys taking time out of their activities for treatment and recovery. As a former cross-country runner and soccer coach, Dr. DePalma understands this firsthand.

But you should also understand that delaying treatment will only keep you out longer (and frustrate you more) in the long run. When you seek treatment right after your injury—before symptoms have a chance to get to work—you’ll get back to full strength quicker and be better prepared to prevent the next injury!

There’s nothing we love better than helping athletes and active people return to the things they love to do as quickly as possible. And we emphasize advanced conservative and preventative care whenever possible—for example, high-arched custom orthotics that not only cushion and support your feet while you play, but also correct biomechanical alignment issues throughout your legs and back.

Stop suffering and get the treatment you need for your lower extremity sports injury today. Complete an online appointment request form, or give our office a call at (609) 714-0052.




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