Skin and Nail Conditions

Skin and nail conditions are extremely common, but so many people suffer in silence, either out of embarrassment or the belief that you can handle it yourself. While this may be true sometimes, there are many nail and skin conditions that are best treated by a professional. We have experience with a wide range of conditions affecting your skin and nails, the most up-to-date equipment, and a sterile environment where we can treat the problem so that it doesn’t return. Learn about the most common skin and nail conditions and how we can help you eliminate them for good.

Common Skin and Nail Conditions

Here are some of the most common conditions we see in our office:

Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are one of the most common foot conditions people face. When the edge of your toenail digs into the skin of your toe, it might cause minimal discomfort. In some cases, it can be red, swollen, and painful. You can often treat your own ingrown toenail at home, but for more severe cases, it’s best to get it looked at by a professional.

The first thing to remember is to never try to dig it out with sharp tools. This can cause pain and infection, and it can make a bad situation a lot worse. For minor cases, soak your foot in warm water three to four times a day. Try taking a piece of floss and gently sliding it under your nail to lift it away from the skin.

If your ingrown toenail is especially painful, or there is any sign of infection, such as extreme redness, pus, or your toe feels hot to the touch, we can help. Our treatment plan will depend on what kind of care you need to get relief. If ingrown toenails are a recurring problem for you, we will get right to the source of the problem to eliminate any future problems.

Fungal Toenails

Fungal toenails result from a fungus infecting the skin under the toenail and eating away at the keratin, a hard protein found in your nails. This fungus often starts out as athlete’s foot, which people often pick up in damp public areas. This fungus then gets under your nail and is stuck there. Under your toenail, the fungus has a lot of protection and tons of keratin to feed on. It will not go away on its own and at-home treatments are rarely effective.

This is a problem we’ve handled many times, and we can create a treatment protocol to get rid of this fungus for good. Treatment often includes a strong anti-fungal cream and foot wash solution. We will also provide you with a supplement to keep the infection at bay, and we will give you a spray so you can disinfect your shoes and avoid reinfection.

a foot with a plantar wart

Plantar Warts

Plantar warts result from a virus getting in through the tiny cracks in your skin. Your immune system can often fight off the virus, but if it doesn’t, the virus creates small, rough, warts on the skin. These warts are usually along the base of the toes. A callus may form on top of the wart or it may start penetrating into your foot. Plantar warts may cause some discomfort.

Plantar warts often go away on their own, but there’s no telling how long it will take, and by the time they disappear, you might spread it to other areas or to someone else.

Common treatments for plantar warts:

  • Salicylic acid medications
  • Cryotherapy
  • Surgical removal

Swift Plantar Wart Treatment

The best treatment for plantar warts, and the one we use at our clinic, is Swift Microwave Therapy. It involves targeting your plantar wart with microwaves for about two to three seconds. This triggers an immune response that attacks and eliminates the virus. Rather than being a temporary solution, this gets rid of the problem from the inside out and makes it less likely to return.

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