Cool Tips for End-of-Summer Heel and Foot Care

Summer light is fading a little bit more every evening. Soon we will experience the cooler breezes and changing leaves of autumn—and that likely means a few changes of your own as well! Different shoes, different routines… some of your choices as you transition from...

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Need Bunion Surgery? Dr. Mark Fillari is Here for You!

Bunions don’t just look bad. They can actually cause you a lot of pain and even limit your ability to be active. So if you have a bunion, you may be wondering what you can do to treat it, and when – or if – you should start considering surgery. Here at Burlington...

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Summer Activities that Won’t Ignite Your Heel Pain

When summer is in full swing, many people wish to be as well. You only get so many days of warmth and joy before winter begins to creep in again. If you live off a spiritual solar battery, now is your time! If you have heel pain, however, then you might be thinking...

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Tips for Avoiding Sports Injuries? Gotta Be the Shoes

When you want to do something well, you want the proper tool for the job. This should run doubly true if what you want to do is physical and you’re throwing your body into it. Sports injuries to the foot and ankle are relatively common occurrences, simply based on the...

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Sports Injuries

Whether you are approaching your teen years, or you are well into adulthood, staying active and healthy is important. And though there are many benefits to participating in sports activities, there is also a good chance that you will experience some type of sports...

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Military Foot Care from Heels to Toes

You don’t need to be an expert strategist to know that mobility is key to any operation. Any impediment to getting where you need to go can have an impact on your success—and that goes for your organic equipment as much as your inorganic! While tanks and vehicles tend...

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Finding Your Perfect Match: Orthotics and Heel Pain

When it comes to solving the problem of heel pain, sometimes the answer is almost like a fairy tale. Do you remember the story of Cinderella and how her glass slipper was a perfect fit only to her? Anyone else who tried the slipper on found it just wouldn’t do...

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Don’t Slip Up on Winter Running

Once they start running, some people just don’t wish to stop. That’s true even once winter rears up and turns our towns into an ice rink. Sure, there’s always a treadmill, but some runners would rather risk getting splashed by a snowplow than grind away on of those...

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What MLS Laser Could Do for Your Heel Pain, And More

Heel pain is one of the most common complaints received by podiatrists. When we are well equipped to address it, it is only a boon to so many of our patients. There are many different causes of heel pain, which means there are many potential ways of treating it. One...

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