Smart Ankle Brachial Index (Smart ABI)

What is Smart ABI?

Smart ABI has changed the way podiatrists test for circulatory conditions like Peripheral artery disease, otherwise known as PAD.

Smart Ankle Brachial Index (or Smart ABI) is a testing method used to test two crucial aspects of your circulation: your blood pressure and your ABI (or ankle-brachial index). It uses Bluetooth technology and comfortable cuffs to be quick, non-intrusive, and accurate.

Anyone who has ever visited a doctor is likely familiar with blood pressure cuffs, but the ABI cuff appears different than the one with the tube and bulb linked to it. Like a conventional cuff, it monitors the pressure of blood against blood arteries when the heart contracts and releases. Smart-ABI can also calculate your BMI (body mass index). BMI may be useful information to track and compare to your blood pressures over time, depending on the conditions.

Smart ABI testing takes only a few minutes, and the findings are sent to a tablet for examination right away. There’s no need to make a fuss, and there’s no need to be referred to another clinic or lab for testing. 

How Podiatrists Use Smart ABI to Test for PAD

PAD is a worrisome condition, but Smart ABI can help.

Peripheral artery disease is a disorder in which your arteries constrict and your blood flow to the extremities of your body, such as your arms and legs, is reduced. It’s a type of vascular illness that affects the legs and feet. A blockage in the arteries, which transport blood away from the heart, is the most prevalent cause of PAD. It is especially dangerous to the legs and feet. Those who are impacted are at an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and amputation if they do not receive treatment.

Podiatrists use Smart ABI to test for PAD by comparing blood pressure recorded at the ankle to blood pressure measured at the arm. We may want to test you before and after some walking exercise, but the testing itself will be absolutely painless and straightforward. We get an ankle-brachial index number by comparing the two pressures. Lower figures indicate that the arteries in your legs are narrowing or are blocked in some way.

Smart ABI Can Reduce the Need for Future Surgeries (and Even Amputations)

For those suffering from PAD, Smart ABI can put your mind at ease.

Smart ABI is not only more efficient at detecting potential symptoms and signs of peripheral artery disease, but it can be used to diagnose the condition early on. By doing so, those who are diagnosed with PAD can get the treatment they need quickly, thus virtually eliminating the potential for invasive surgeries and even amputation.

Smart ABI is a fantastic tool and diagnostic test that simplifies the ABI process, taking only about five minutes to complete. At Burlington County Foot & Ankle, we use Smart ABI because we believe it is the best tool for diagnosing PAD in our patients to prevent future problems.

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