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Your feet are like the foundation of a home—or the bottom row of blocks in a game of Jenga! You might not give them much thought in your day-to-day life, but without a sturdy base of support, your entire body is at risk of pain and misalignment.

Unfortunately, some feet are better at providing this foundation than others. Many people suffer from misalignments in foot structure—flat feet, for example—or gait patterns that don’t handle weight and pressure efficiently. This leads to a greater risk of developing:

  • Progressive foot deformities like bunions and hammertoes
  • Chronic foot and ankle pain
  • Chronic pain all the way up the standing skeletal structure—knees, hips, and back.

One of the best ways to realign your biomechanics, eliminate your pain, and reduce your risk of deformities is through the use of custom orthotics.

What Are Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are specially made inserts that you wear inside your regular shoes. They are specifically fitted to match your precise foot shape and problem, so that they can relieve your pain and prevent future complications.

Custom orthotics are not the same as insoles that you buy in the store. Even if you step on a “force pad” at a pharmacy and get a recommendation, it is not the same. Custom orthotics are completely unique to you—build to spec, based on a mold and measurements of your own two feet. This is why they can provide much more effective treatment, especially if your discomfort is severe.

What Makes Our Custom Orthotics Different?

Most custom orthotics on the market are relatively low arched designs that are fitted to your feet in a neutral position. Don’t get us wrong—this is still much better than store insoles. But it isn’t optimal either—especially not for the most active individuals.

At Burlington County Foot & Ankle Associates, we use high-arched orthotics designed by a team of engineers for total contact with the sole of the feet.

This offers several advantages. They flex with you to provide greater support and cushioning for the feet through all positions and throughout the full range of motion. They do a better job of correcting biomechanical posture, which is especially helpful for pain in the legs and back.

They also tend to be more comfortable than other orthotics and don’t require as long to “break in,” either.

We Work with You to Get You the Best Care

In addition to custom orthotics, we do also provide a selection of prefabricated orthotics for those who may find them effective. However, there really is no substitute for custom orthotics. They simply provide much better pain relief and performance improvement, and prefabricated orthotics can not fix biomechanical alignment or prevent deformities in the same way.

We understand, however, that custom orthotics can be a little more expensive up front than prefabricated insoles. While in the long run they can save you money (because they don’t need to be replaced as frequently—and you’re less likely to need our help with pain later), we understand the initial cost may be a challenge for some.

That is why we not only accept almost all forms of payment and insurances, but we’re also happy to work with you to set up a payment plan or schedule if you need it. Bottom line, we want you to get the best care available and get better so you can go back to your life sooner.

To schedule an appointment with us and see if custom orthotics are right for you, please call (609) 714-0052 today.




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