At Burlington County Foot & Ankle Assoc., Inc., we want to provide you with as much information as possible to help keep your feet and ankles healthy and strong. In our monthly newsletter you’ll find all kinds of helpful tips, from home remedies and treatment options to prevention of sports injuries and signs of trouble, if you have questions, our newsletter is a great place to find answers!

So take advantage of this valuable resource. Simply visit a link below and enjoy! If there is anything else you need, please feel free to give us a call at (609) 714-0052 or visit our office in Medford, NJ. We are happy to help in any way we can.

Newsletter Archive

October 2019 – Avoid Scary, Spooky Skin Conditions This Fall! 

September 2019 – Our newsletter is packed with tips on healthy exercise, managing swelling, and even slipper tips!

August  2019 – Learn about protecting your feet from fungus and other hot tips in our August newsletter.

July 2019 – Learn more about Dr. Mark Fillari, and get some great foot care tips for summer, too!

June 2019 – Ankle stability always matters. Work on it now to maintain it into your future!

May 2019 – Your foot structure can lead to problems farther up your body. Learn more in our May newsletter!

April 2019 – Good foot care takes several different approaches. This months newsletter discusses how to get smooth skin with a pumice stone and how to keep your feet and ankles safe when starting your “coutch to 5K” training program.

March 2019 – For walking, stretching, and picking the right socks, the latest issue of the Burlington County Foot & Ankle Associates newsletter has you covered.

February 2019 – Our latest newsletter discusses what to do about burning feet, as well as introducing a new treatment method for arthritis.

January 2019 – A good pair of boots can make the difference between a comfortable and miserable winter for your feet. Tips and more in our January newsletter.

December 2018 – This months newsletter features information about cold feet, provides a few great Holiday gift ideas, educates you about screen time and a child’s attention span, gives you a great Maple Cranberry Sauce for your pancakes and offers a few tips for reliving your rheumatoid arthritis pain. While you’re at it. take a look at this month’s blog post about winter running.

November 2018 – The Burlington County Foot & Ankle Associates November 2018 newsletter features tips on diabetic foot care, soothing dry, cracked feet, and more.

October 2018It’s finally fall and it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk at Cooper River Park in Pennsauken. We invite all our patients, family and friends to walk with us on October 28! There’s also information on how to make your home safe for feet and what to do about stress fractures.

September 2018 – This month’s newsletter is full of informations about what to do with nerve pain in your feet, how to care for your (or a loved one’s) feet as you age and how to make Hot Mulled Cider for a fun fall drink!

August 2018 – Learn how to avoid sunburn on your feet, how to identify a heel spur & how ot make Greek Yogurt Chocolate Fudge Pops!

July 2018 – Beware of these common triggers for gout. Visit the Pine Barrens Festival and try one of Dr.DePalma’s famous fried Oreos.

June 2018 – Learn how to prevent Athlete’s Foot this summer. Stay active this summer and walk when it’s convenient for you by joining our Facebook Walking Group for support and encouragement.

May 2018 – Love your flip flops? Learn about how they can be damaging to your feet. We also dispel myths about warts and how to exercise smart.

April 2018 – This month’s newsletter will show how to build balance to keep your your ankles steady, figure out whether your hammertoe needs treatment and discusses benefits and ways to keep active to help your overall health and wellness.

March 2018 – Inside this edition, discover how to keep your feet happy during a long workday, some potential causes of ball of foot pain and how to treat your ingrown toenails.

February 2018 – Inside this edition, discover some simple rules to wear high heels without damaging your feet. You can also discover tips to keep dry, cracked skin at bay throughout the winter months.


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