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Newsletter Archive

May 2023 – Outdoor Home Maintenance Projects

March 2023 – Play Ball! Spring, Baseball, and Foot and Ankle Health

February 2023 – Tailor’s Bunion… Keeping Up with Big Brother

January 2023 – Help Your Kids Ward Off Frostbite

December 2022 – Diabetic Socks: More Important Than Christmas Stockings

January 2022 – Cracks in the Foundation

December 2021 – Finding Good Winter or Snow Boots

November 2021 – Custom Orthotics for Different Circumstances

October 2021 – Don’t Let Halloween Trick Kids’ Feet And Ankles

September 2021 – Feet May Expose Osteoporosis

August 2021- Helping New (and Seasoned) Runners Stay Healthy 

July 20201 – Exploring Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

June 2021 – Flip-Flops Are for Politics, Not your Feet

May 2021 – Want to Avoid a Foot Injury? Don’t Skip These Spring Training Tips

April 2021 – Happy National Foot Health Awareness Month!

March 2021 – Get Those Feet Ready for Spring Sports

February 2021 – Is Jack Frost Nipping at Your Toes? You May Have Raynaud’s 

January 2021 – Make a Resolution for Better Foot Care!


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