Treatment for Diabetes & Neuropathy

Diabetic foot care is not something to take lightly. If you live with diabetes, you should be paying close attention and taking preventative measures for your feet. End of sentence.

The effects of diabetes on the body tend to creep in over time, and the feet can be especially vulnerable. Once nerves start to experience damage (neuropathy), the risks of severe problems can grow even higher.

Burlington County Foot & Ankle Associates is well-equipped to treat diabetic wounds and other problems as they arise. But first, it’s important to fully understand where the risks of improper diabetic foot care lie.

Dangers Undetected

As diabetes causes damage over time, it can interfere with your body’s circulation. Considering that it is already quite a journey for blood to reach your feet, this area is among the first to start feeling the consequences of reduced blood flow.

Without as large a flow of blood and the nutrients it carries to the feet, the ability of injuries and wounds to heal in that area starts to diminish. It can reach a point that a wound will not actually heal without professional intervention.

This is bad in itself, but if neuropathy begins to set into the feet, the ability to feel damage can be added to a reduced capability to heal. This means injuries to the feet can go unnoticed. Small injuries that are unfelt can be walked on and grow into ulcers, which can then become infected. The structure of the foot can deteriorate and the need for amputation can arise.

Nobody deserves to reach this point. With proper care, they don’t have to.

Increase Healing, Improve Sensation

Personal diabetic foot care is a commitment, and following through on it well can prevent many problems from occurring.

However, there may still be times when an issue arises. Perhaps you identify a sore spot, or you accidentally cut your foot and it’s having trouble healing. What do you do then?

For any type of diabetic wound on the foot or ankle, you should always feel free to contact us for help! The longer a problem goes without proper treatment, the greater the odds of it becoming worse. Getting a start on it right away will mean a faster healing time and lower risks of infection.

Our practice specializes in Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser therapy. This method of treatment helps stimulate both blood flow and the body’s natural healing process, and in many cases can aid in accelerated healing in patients—whether diabetes is a factor or not.

Increased blood flow can also help slow the progression of neuropathy. The longer you can keep your nerves healthy, the better!

Help for Healing Diabetic Wounds

Our MLS laser is a very effective and helpful way for diabetic wounds to receive the extra support they need for healing, but it is not the only way we can help.

Never wait if you have a diabetic wound or catch another abnormality on your feet when you have diabetes. Give us a call at (609) 714-0052 and let us handle whatever you may need. Prompt treatment and preservation are key!




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