Managing Diabetes & Neuropathy

Diabetic foot care is never something that should be ignored or delayed – even when your feet feel in good or better health.

The effects of diabetes on the body tend to creep in overtime, and the feet can be especially vulnerable to these complications. Peripheral neuropathy, more simply known as nerve damage, is one of these common effects and can create very dangerous situations if left unchecked.

While Burlington County Foot & Ankle Associates is well-equipped to provide fast and comprehensive wound care, we do our patients a much better service by helping them lower their chances of wounds developing or growing serious to begin with. That begins by fully understanding where the risks of improper diabetic foot care lie.

How Can Diabetes Affect My Nerves? What Are the Risks?

Diabetes can affect nerve health in several different ways. Among these are the ability for high blood sugar levels to damage nerves directly and reducing blood flow that the nerves depend on to survive and function properly.

As nerves become damaged, initial symptoms often involve tingling and pain. Over time, however, the nerves can be damaged to the point where little to no sensation can be felt at all in the feet.

Constricted blood flow (often through peripheral artery disease, or PAD), can also impede the body’s ability to heal from injuries and wounds. It can reach a point that a wound will not heal without medical attention.

When all these effects combine, it can lead to devastating problems. Injuries to feet can happen and go unnoticed, and the body can fail to heal them quickly. This leaves the door wide open for even small cuts to turn into large, deep ulcers, and for infections to occur. The very structure of the foot can break down and the risk of needing amputation runs higher.

We always want to avoid reaching such high-risk situations whenever possible. And with proper care, we can.

Diabetic Care for Increasing Healing, Improving Sensation

Personal diabetic foot care is an important commitment. Following through on healthy habits like taking time to inspect your feet each day can help you prevent many serious problems from occurring.

But it helps very much to have a professional in your corner as well. We can keep track of your circulatory and nerve health over time and take actions when needed to help address developing issues or reduce their risks of ever happening.

Recommendations including specific stretches and exercises can help maintain better circulation and sensation in your feet. Advanced treatments such as Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser therapy may also slow the progression of neuropathy and even help restore lost nerve function.

neuropathy pain

Comprehensive Diabetic Wound Care

Despite best preventative efforts, problems can still arise. Perhaps you identify a sore spot on your foot or experience a cut that is having trouble healing.

You can always contact us for any type of diabetic foot or ankle wound, no matter how severe you think it may be. The longer a problem goes without proper treatment, the greater the risk that it can become worse or infected. Starting diabetic wound care right away will mean a much faster healing time and lower risk of complications.

We are equipped to debride, clean, and properly dress diabetic wounds. Our MLS laser therapy can also be an effective tool in aiding the body’s natural healing capabilities, helping wounds close faster.

Preventative Diabetic Care Now, Direct Diabetic Care When Needed

Remember: you should not wait for problems to develop before following a good diabetic foot care plan. Taking the first steps as soon as possible can greatly benefit your foot health in the future!

We can help you determine the best and most effective ways to treat and protect your feet against the effects of diabetes. Never hesitate to contact our office whenever you have a problem or any concerns whatsoever.




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