How Do I Stop Nerve Pain in My Feet?

Mar 4, 2023

Pain in a foot is always a cause for at least a certain degree of concern. After all, this is how your body alerts you to the fact something isn’t right. When that pain is nerve-related (neuropathic), the level of concern can go up drastically.

Nerve pain in your feet is a condition called peripheral neuropathy. It can make even minor movements feel like an uphill battle.

The burning, stinging, and “pins and needles” sensation that patients experience gets in the way and can make it painful to do activities they love.

Where does your nerve pain come from? And why is it affecting your feet so much? The answer lies in your peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nervous system is connected to your central nervous system (CNS), which is made up of the brain and spinal cord.

The peripheral nervous system connects to the CNS through a complex network of nerve cells running throughout your body. They help gather information about what you’re physically feeling (sensory nerves), assist movement (motor nerves), and control actions like your heartbeat and breathing (autonomous nerves).

Sensory nerves are responsible for peripheral neuropathy. While it is possible to have issues with other types of nerves (like motor nerves impacting movement), this article focuses specifically on the pain that comes from peripheral nerves.

To help you better understand when you should seek professional care and possible treatment options we might recommend, we’ll start by looking at symptoms you should recognize and why you are experiencing nerve pain in your feet.

How Do I Stop Nerve Pain In My Feet?

Are Nerve Problems Causing Your Foot pain?

You might not be sure where your foot pain comes from, but there are some telltale signs that neuropathy is the cause. These are the most common signs of neuropathy in the feet:

  • Numbness and tingling (“pins and needles” sensation).
  • Burning, shooting, or searing pain in the feet.
  • Issues with balance.
  • Developing muscle weakness in your feet.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you could have peripheral neuropathy. Attempting to determine whether neuropathy is to blame for your pain is a great start. At the same time, remember that a professional diagnosis is always best for all foot and ankle conditions (and especially for something as serious as neuropathy), so the next step is to reach out to our licensed podiatrist for an official diagnosis.

Why are You Experiencing Nerve Pain in Your Feet?

One of the leading causes of peripheral nerve pain is diabetes. Routine checks are an important part of any diabetic foot care routine because they help you identify potential risks that could lead to serious health complications.

Diabetic neuropathy can come from elevated blood sugar levels damaging nerve tissues. Additionally, restricted or reduced blood flow can further deprive these tissues of the nutrients they need to repair themselves.

As a result, tissues weaken, pain increases, and you’re at a higher risk of infection.

Nerve pain in the feet is the first sign something is wrong. You want to reach out to our office immediately because it’s always best to intervene at the earliest stages of neuropathy.

If your nerve pain has led to numbness, meaning you feel very little or nothing in your feet, then there is a higher risk of compilations. Even a minor cut could get infected and lead to a significant wound or ulcer. Diabetic patients can miss many warning signs because they don’t feel pain in the infected area.

And that is a dangerous situation. Due to the gangrene that can set in, there are cases where the best-case scenario is limb amputation. (Recurring ulceration has a higher mortality rate than even some well-known forms of cancer, such as breast, colon, and prostate cancers.)

There are also causes of peripheral neuropathy without diabetes, such as:

  • Nerve injury
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Infections
  • Genetic disorders
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Heavy drinking (alcohol use disorder)
  • B vitamin deficiency
  • Vascular and blood problems
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Kidney and liver disorders
  • Poor nutrition
  • Certain chemotherapy drugs
  • Certain infections
  • Exposure to toxins

The best way to find out whether you have neuropathy and its underlying cause is to receive a professional assessment. Then, Dr. DePalma can develop a personalized care plan that addresses your symptoms and underlying health needs.

Podiatrist examining a foot for nerve pain

How Can We Help You Overcome Neuropathic Pain?

Burlington County Foot & Ankle Associates is here to provide you with the most comprehensive, compassionate foot care. Dr. DePalma uses top-of-the-line nerve pain treatments that help patients regain comfort and mobility.

For many patients, we suggest Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser therapy. This non-invasive, painless procedure uses laser waves to stimulate your immune system, improve blood flow, and promote the natural healing of damaged nerve tissues. In particular, improved blood flow can slow neuropathic progression, which keeps your nerves healthier for longer periods of time.

Whether diabetes or another condition is the cause of your neuropathy, MLS therapy is one of the best options for treating nerve pain.

Don’t Suffer From Foot Pain Any Longer!

Come see us for treatment! We are here to help you manage nerve pain and get back to living life like you want to. Burlington County Foot & Ankle Associates has over two decades of experience and skill, and our goal is to keep you walking – something you may find challenging when you have nerve pain. Fortunately, we have the experience, skill, and tools to help you get the relief you need.

Contact us to learn more about our neuropathy treatments. Something that sets us apart is the use of laser therapy to rapidly accelerate the healing and recovery process. You can’t find that at all podiatrists, but we’re proud to offer it as an option for you.

Click this link to book an appointment and find out more about our office hours and location in Medford, NJ on our office page. Let us help treat your nerve pain and get keep you walking!


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